The Tablet vs The Laptop: Which One Has Become Obsolete

Tablets have been around for a few years, and they are slowly taking over the use of laptops. Laptops are still preferred over tablets for some things, but tablets have become more popular and will cause laptops to become obsolete. Tablets can do almost everything that laptops can do, and they have additional benefits as well.

There are some things that laptops can do that tablets can’t do yet. Files on laptops can be organized into folders, while tablets can’t be customized as much. Also, laptops have greater amounts of storage, usually five hundred gigabytes. Most tablets currently only have sixty-four gigabytes of storage. However, the benefits that laptops currently have over tablets will decrease over the next few years, and tablets will become more powerful.

First, tablets are much more compact than laptop computers. They are lighter and thinner, making them more portable than laptops. They are easy to carry with you and can fit in smaller areas that a laptop cannot fit in. They are also easier to hold and use with just one hand. Laptops are bigger and heavier making them less portable. People prefer devices that are easier to hold and carry on the go.

Second, tablets often last longer before they need to be charged. Most tablets can last eight hours or longer with constant use, while most laptops need to be charged every three or four hours. Being able to use a tablet longer than a computer between charges allows people to use them freely without needing to worry about the device dying.

Third, the technology behind tablets has become more advanced and they are capable of doing more things like a laptop computer. When they first came out, they could only be used for basic usage. Now, tablets contain the technology to allow them to be operated exactly like computers. Not all tablets can be used like computers, but there are a few that are more advanced.

Fourth, there are accessories that can be added onto tablets that make them easier to use like laptops are. There are keyboards that can be attached to tablets so that they are easier to type on. Being able to attach and remove a keyboard allows people to use tablets as computers when they need to, while still allowing them to be light and portable.

Fifth, tablets are capable of doing a lot more than laptops can. Tablets have many apps that can be downloaded and the process is easier than downloading new programs on a laptop computer. Programs on laptops often contain viruses that can cause the laptop to stop working properly, while apps on tablets are a lot safer.

Sixth, tablets are easier to download new apps and delete unwanted items compared to a laptop. Apps can be deleted within minutes in order to make room for new apps, while computers take longer. Also, computers often need to be restarted in order to permanently delete programs.

Tablets are gaining popularity and are starting to take over laptops. Some people may always prefer laptops, but tablets will continue to become the popular choice between the two devices. Tablets can already do most of the things that laptops can do, as well as additional things that laptops cannot do. Soon, laptops may become obsolete, and most people will have tablets instead of laptops.