Ten Tips To Help Decide Between Android Phones vs iPhones

So here you are! It means you are in the big same dilemma. An iPhone or an Android phone? Don’t worry, let me ask you 10 simple questions which will give you 10 very important tips that will definitely help you resolve the query and choose the one that perfectly suits your requirements. While the market is buzzing with the perfect android phones on one hand and Apple introducing the world to never before features in their iPhones on the other, the question can be real arduous to answer. Well here are some tips for you.

Tip 1: Do you choose to be ahead of the world?

Choose: iPhone

If you are really a kind of person who wants to be updated in every sense when it comes to your little device, an iPhone is a clear winner. This is because android phone makers are really slow about updating their gizmos to the latest of android releases and in some cases do not update at all while Apple’s support for its iPhones is generally better than that for Android phones.

Tip 2: Does Size matter to you?

Choose: Android phone

Are you are a person looking for the biggest screens around? Then Android phone is a clear choice for you. You will find Android phones with 4.3-inch screens, and the HTC One X has a 4.7-inch screen, while the Samsung Galaxy Note stretches even further at 5.3 inches. So, for sheer size, Android it is.

Tip 3: Life of a Battery

Choose: Anyone cause it’s a real tie

The market does have Android phones that offer ultra-high capacity batteries. However the early truth about iPhones needing to get charged everyday no longer holds true.

Tip 4: Are you Flashy?

Choose: iPhone

Adobe, makers of Flash have now stopped developing flash for Android phones. Taken back? Yes but that’s the truth. iPhone could never run flash and can never do so in the future However though its lack of Flash prevents the iPhone from viewing web content partly, there are many sites that have alternate versions that work really well with the iPhone. So, for iPhone users missing some of the web content is getting lesser and lesser.

Tip 5: Are you in the GAME?

Choose : iPhone

The gaming platform which was monopolized by Sony’s PSP and Nintendo is now overshadowed by Apple. Though Android phones have their fair share in the gaming market, still iPhone has an edge over them.

Tip 6: Love Simplicity?

Choose: iPhone

For its Simplicity and the operational ease, iPhone is undoubtedly a winner!

Tip 7 : Number of Apps!

Choose: Anyone of the two

Apple is so very known for its stringency towards the kind of apps it allows while Google for android follows much lenient approach towards the kind of apps. But we shouldn’t forget that Apple store offers almost the same number of apps as Google Play.

Tip 8: Spread of the Network

Choose :Anyone

For the fastest cellular data speeds, iPhone 5 is almost as efficient as the Android phones. So this doesn’t come as a major issue since both categories perform exceptionally well in offering blazing-fast speeds.

Tip 9: How much are you shelling out?

Choose: Android Phone

Here comes the master key to all your quandary. With the market offering android phones in all price range, if you do not want a hole in your pockets, buying Android phones is inevitable. All I will say is Value for money is totally guaranteed!

Tip 10: Hear your Instincts

Finally its your companion! So hear what your heart asks you to do and just follow the flow! I hope the tips lend you a helping hand in making the final decision.