Six Predictions For the Next Xbox and its Integration with the Windows Phone

The 2013 edition of E3 may see the unveiling of the newest version of the Xbox. Little concrete information is known about specific features this next generation will boast. However, speculation and buzz from excited gamers has been prevalent. No one will know for sure until Microsoft releases more information, but for now new six predictions that have a chance to materialize will follow.
First prediction:

Much of the hardware will be upgraded compared to the Xbox 360. Certainly this always occurs when the next generation of a console is released, but specifically the inclusion of a larger, faster hard drive and more RAM are safe forecasts. This will allow faster play for gamers and perhaps more flexibility such as the ability to suspend games. This would enable a user to stop a game, load another, and then return to the original game whenever desired. In addition peripherals will probably be upgraded. For example, an improved controller may contain a touch screen.

Second prediction:

Microsoft will make a strong attempt to curb piracy of games. The latest Xbox may require a continuous internet connection. This could allow the machine to better monitor and put a stop to downloaded or pirated games. Some Xbox fans have shown concern that some security measures may block used games. However, the possibility of alienating retailers and fans will probably cause Microsoft to rethink any strategy that would go that far.

Third prediction:

Microsoft will market the new console as a media hub. Some possible features that could conceivably be included are a TV tuner, a DVR feature, and Blu-Ray. That would allow the Xbox to be that one indispensable device for the entire family’s entertainment needs. Additionally, social media may be utilized more and intended to replace or least supplement some functions that desktop or laptop computers usually fill. Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype allows them to integrate that popular software however they wish and they may use to upgrade the 360‘s existing voice chat capabilities.

Windows Phone 7.8

Fourth prediction:

A new version of Kinect, perhaps called Kinect 2.0, will be developed. The wildly popular extra which allows hands-free gameplay will be improved and be ready for use with the new Xbox.

Fifth prediction:

Microsoft’s new technology Illumiroom will be utilized in some form. Illumiroom involves the use of a project behind the player and images are projected which makes the entire room seem like part of the screen. This is still a recent development and may not be ready for initial release, but Microsoft will release this exciting technology as soon as possible for use with the newest Xbox.

Sixth prediction:

Windows Phone will be heavily integrated. The heavily advertised Windows Phones could be an excellent match to use alongside the next Xbox. This relates to the aforementioned social media possibilities. Imagine a proud gamer who just achieved a high score who could seamlessly update his accomplishments on his online profile. There are more possible functions such as use as a remote control or game controller.

Some of these predictions may come to pass and some may end up as mere conjecture. However, the possibility of new version of the Xbox coming soon has devoted fans eager to find out just what will be included.