Seven Pieces of Swag People Will Use With Their Phones

Branded promotional items are a well-known marketing tool that many businesses use to great effect; however, just as many businesses end up wasting money on ineffective swag that never budges the bottom line.

So how can you make sure the promotional products you order for your company actually get the job done? A few basic criteria can help ensure that your promotional items successfully increase your business. First, the item should be useful – avoid foam fingers, bouncy balls, or other “junk drawer” items. Second, the item should be useable over time – avoid single-use items, particularly food. Third, the item should be sharable – it should have an intrinsic interest that makes potential customers want to show the item to friends and family.

One sure-fire promo product category which meets all these criteria is mobile phone accessories. As smart phones become more ubiquitous and take up more real estate in the average consumer’s life, attaching a useful branded product all but ensures your brand will get the marketing it deserves.


So what are the best branded phone accessories?

1. Stick-On Smartphone Wallet
These small pouches attach to the back of most smartphones with a removable adhesive. The pouch provides convenient storage for cash, credit cards, and identification. From a branding perspective, these phone wallets generate big bang for the buck – they’re inexpensive to produce, but yield a remarkable amount of surface area on which to print your logo.

2. Smartphone Stylus
These handy pointers make using a smartphone easier and more enjoyable. They attach directly to the smartphone, and come in a variety of interesting shapes, colors and styles. Run a music business? There are guitar pick-shaped styluses. Run an education consulting firm? Get one that looks like a globe.

3. Phone Cover
In terms of return on investment, it doesn’t get much better than a smartphone cover when it comes to promotional products. Inexpensive and effective, this is swag that everyone wants. One word of caution: in order to make an impact on potential customers, your phone cover really needs to stand out. Exceptional design and good quality are key.

4. Smartphone Speakers
On the pricier end of the spectrum, portable smartphone speakers can make quite a splash, if you’re prepared to make the investment. Look for speakers with sufficient space for your company logo, as well as contact details and other information.

5. Cleaning Cloth
Smartphone screens are notorious for collecting dust and grime. A microfiber cleaning cloth can keep your potential customer’s phones in great shape – and help your brand at the same time. Look for a portable-sized cloth that’s washing machine safe. Also make sure to have your cloths printed in a heavy duty ink that can withstand lots of abuse.

6. Headset Retractor
These handy gadgets keep your potential customer’s headphone cords neatly wrapped and ready to go. The traditional doughnut shape is a perfect canvas for your corporate brand – and because the retractor stays in place when not in use, you’ll get brand face time even when the headphones are being used.

7. Flip Holder
These smartphone stands are light, portable, and convenient. They’re surprisingly durable, making them perfect for travel, or on-the-go phone use. To make the most of this product, be sure to have your brand information printed on the front side of the holder, which is visible during use.
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