What To Expect From The New Rumored iPhones of 2014

Fresh off an exciting update in the Fall of 2013, the first thing on every Apple fan’s mind after having picked up their new iPhone 5S or 5C was: what will they think of next? In this update, we saw new colors, faster processors, a better camera, and a fingerprint scanner. Rest assured, the morning after the new update, the rumor mills have been churning full blast to give you the most accurate predictions for what Apple has in store this year to add to this already impressive iPhone resume.
From: botoxbeerbling.com

From: botoxbeerbling.com

First off: when? This one seems to be fairly regular, as Apple has settled into a nice schedule of releasing new and updated iPhones sometime in the fall each year (the iPhone 4 being an exception). So barring any surprises or setbacks, you can be confident that you will be able to pick up your new iPhone this fall.

Next on deck: size. Apple has consistently been a bit behind the times in terms of overall screen size, not chasing after the large standards set by other companies upwards of 6 inches. Apple’s 5S and 5c check in at 4 inches, while the rumored new iPhones will fall in between 4.7 to 5.7 inches, possibly with a model at both the lower and higher ends of the range.

Coupled with this increase in screen size could come some screen enhancements, such as incorporating sapphire glass, the cover of the home button and camera lens on the iPhone, into the overall display, protecting it from scratches and cracks more readily than the currently used Corning Gorilla Glass. It is also rumored that with the increase in screen size, an increased resolution from the current 326 pixels per inch may be achieved, given the user sharper, clearer images to work with on the larger screen.

So that’s how we will see the rumored iPhone 6, but how will it “see”? Two rumors have been circulating. One indicates that there will be improved optics on the same existing 8-megapixel camera in the 5S to improve image stability and light response. The other rumor suggests that a 10-megapixel camera will be introduced to improve clarity. The waters surrounding the camera improvements remain murky at the moment.

Finally, the last big question: how? How will Apple make these changes and retain the same rock solid user experience and smooth iOS function? This answer is twofold. First, the iPhone 6 will likely be powered by the enhanced A8 chip manufactured by TSMC, decreasing size and energy use while improving processing power. In addition to these upgraded internals, it is likely that Apple will launch iOS 8 to go along with its new iPhone 6 in the fall. This should maintain a similar user interface to iOS 7, while introducing many new health applications to coincide with other product launches as well as several other additional features. It is expected that there will be wireless improvements in the phone to increase Wi-Fi transmission speeds as well.

There are several exciting advancements floating around as rumors at the moment regarding the iPhone 6 launch. As Fall approaches, there should be more concrete details about what to expect in the new iPhone. Chances are good that Apple will once again sell the new iPhone in record numbers.