5 Ways to Install Apk On Your Smartphone

Any valid Android application will always have the apk extension to it. This means that if you want to install a particular title to your device you should check first if it ends with an apk. The format is usually {(applicationname).apk} where applicationname is the title of the app.

We will be showing you 5 ways to install apk on your smartphone for you to be able to enjoy using the various apps.

android; pixelpipeUsing Google Play

This method requires your smartphone to have an Internet connection. This could either be through Wi-Fi or through the data connection of your mobile network. Please note that if you choose to connect to the Internet using your mobile provider then you might be charged for this. You will also need to have a Gmail account to access Google Play.

Click on the Menu of your smartphone andaccess Play Store
If this is your first time to access it you will be required to enter your Gmail username and password
Inside the Play Store you will have access to various applications. You can choose to search for a particular app or browse from the different categories.
To install an app just click on it and wait for the installation to finish.

Using Amazon App Store For Android

Just like the first method you will also require an Internet connection for your smartphone. Another requirement is that you will first need to install the Amazon App Store for Android on your smartphone. You can get the link for this app from Amazon by entering your email or mobile number. Make sure that you have Unknown Sources checked under Settings-Applications first.

Click on the Menu of your smartphone andaccess Amazon App Store for Android
If this is your first time to access it you will be required to enter your Amazonusername and password
Once you login you will be able to browse the thousands of apps that are properly categorized.
If you find an app that you want all you have to do is click on it to install it.

The great thing about getting apps via Amazon is that they are offering a paid app for free every day.

Using The Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

This method is recommended only for advanced users. You will first need to download the Android SDK and install it in your PC. You also need the Android USB drivers installed so your smartphone and PC can communicate with each other. Set your smartphone so that it will be able to accept installations from unknown sources. To do this, go to Settings -> Application Settings and enable Unknown Sourcesby placing a check mark on it.To install an apk file just go to command prompt and type adb install path/file.apk. Install path is the full path of the file and file.apk is the full name of the file.

Using A Website

There are tons of websites dedicated to Android apps where you can directly download the titles to your PC. Once they are downloaded in your PC you can connect your smartphone to your PC and transfer the file to your device. You will then need to access the file manager of your smartphone to search for the file and click on it to install.

Using An Android App Installer

This is by far the easiest method in getting a title on your smartphone if your device does not have Internet connectivity. Just install the Android app installer in your PC and download any apk file that you like. Connect your smartphone to your PC and run the app installer. From the app installer just search for the apk files and click on it which will automatically proceed to install it in your smarptone.