5 Steps to Create An Android App

The increase in mobile devices and the helpfulness of Android apps has made lives easier all across the board. The Android market is a powerful app marketplace because it is not limited to a single brand of device, but rather is available to the users of hundreds of different brand devices.

Before you even begin building your Android app, make sure you have read the developer section for creating them. Then install the Android software development kit, also known as the SDK. Once you have completed those steps you are ready to create your very own app.
Step One: Coming Up With The Idea

Coming up with a new, innovative idea may be the hardest step in developing your new Android app. With so many apps out there you may think there’s nothing new you can come up with. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Think about the things you could use or need, or just have fun coming up with games.
Step Two: Making the Blueprint

Your next step is to map out exactly how the app will work. This is known as wireframing, and is like a blueprint of its structure.
Step Three: Making it Look Great

Design is a big part of creating an attractive and interesting app. No matter what your app is designed to do, the better it looks the more likely people will buy it.

Design is about more than just looks too. Just like a website, the easier your app is to navigate the more useful it will be. Google’s Android app creation tools include many readymade navigation tools and page templates to help make designing easier.
Step Four: Make a Working Prototype

This is the middle step between concept and full development of your app. It may be tempting to jump over this step and dive right into development, but making a prototype will help you make sure you do not waste time in the more expensive and time consuming area of development on a layout that doesn’t work as smoothly as it should, or is missing elements. You can make mockups in PowerPoint that look and work like your app will.
Step Five: Developing Your App

All of the above steps are designed for one thing: to make sure this step goes smoothly. Development is where the code is created to make your idea come to life. Google provides a toolbox that will help you understand and write the code necessary to make your app work. Once the app is created you have to go the next step and test it. Debugging any problems that pop up after the program is created can take as much time as all of the preceding steps.