5 Mobile-ready Custom Promotional Products That Will Pay For Themselves

Custom promotional products are more than just gifts, they are marketing tools that expand your reach and help you improve brand awareness. With so many different modern marketing tactics to add to the mix, many businesses are overlooking to importance of using the traditional tactics that have always worked. Sure, Internet marketing is effective way to build brand awareness online, but promotional products are an effective way to keep your company on the mind of consumers. While promotional product marketing is an effective way to expand your reach, some products are better than others and mobile-ready products will help you market locally and online.


5 of the Best Custom Mobile-ready Promotional Gifts to Give Prospects and Existing Customers

#1: Custom T-Shirts

Printed t-shirts are a great gift for practically any demographic. While it is important to customize the shirts with your logo and contact information, you can turn a plain t-shirt into a mobile ready t-shirt by simply printing your company URL and a QR code that can be scanned by the top smart devices on the market. Each shirt you print will pay for itself every time traffic is driven to your website as your search engine rankings and conversions improve.

#2: Custom Magnets

Repeat business is extremely important, especially in the dining and retail industries. While you might think that custom magnets are outdated, if you get creative you can easily take a stale promotional product and bring it into the 21st century when you make it mobile-ready. By printing a QR code on these magnets that takes the customer to your menu, your website, or an app designed to make ordering take-out easy, you can easily earn a return on investment and improve your customer retention.

#3: Custom Key Chains that Tell Your Customers to Take Action

Your marketing message is supposed to end with a call to action, and your promotional products should do the same. Key chains are more than just an application to hold your clients’ keys, there are a promotional product when you can encourage your customers to follow you on social media or check-in at your place of business. Check-ins will build brand awareness and will persuade prospects to trust you because their friends do.

#4: Custom Paper Weights to Direct Customers to Your E-Commerce Store

Just because you have a brick and mortar store does not mean that you should not offer your Internet shoppers the tools they need to buy products from you off of the web. If you are trying to direct shoppers to your e-commerce store, why not give paper weights with your store’s URL and even a promotional code for first-time shoppers to use for a discount? This will encourage your customers to shop on their lunch hour or even on a rainy day when they would not normally leave their home to go on a shopping spree.

#5: A Branded Tablet Case

Tablets are expensive and your customers will appreciate if you give them tablet cases to keep their devices safe. Simply brand the case, print your website on the product, and your customers will be tempted to visit your website when they have time to spare. If you have taken the time to develop a mobile application, encourage them to download it on the product.

Mobile marketing is all about persuading your customers to integrate your brand into their daily routine. By using traditional promotional products to do this, you can keep your marketing budget low and still create a mobile-ready brand that increases your exposure and brand awareness.