10 Predictions for Apple’s iPhone 5S

As with every other year since 2007, Apple is poised to release a new iPhone model this year. Details on the upcoming device – or devices – have slowly begun to trickle out, with anonymous quotes and subtle hints leading most of the discussion. Apple is feeling more pressure with this iPhone release than in recent years, as there is a clear need for the company to turn its stock price around and generate excitement.


Here are ten predictions for the next iPhone.

NFC: The short-range communication technology was left out of the iPhone 5 while competitors such as Samsung displayed it prominently in their marketing. It’s expected that the iPhone 5 will feature the technology.
Multiple Screen Sizes: This is another area where Apple’s feeling pressure from Android manufacturers. The iPhone’s display is minuscule compared to many Android devices. By releasing two models of the iPhone, Apple can reduce some of the churn towards Android and possibly open itself to capturing more market share.
Different Models: Rumors of a low-cost iPhone have persisted for several months now, and at this point it looks inevitable that the company will introduce some sort of budget-friendly iPhone. This device would theoretically be made with more affordable parts to be sold in parts of the world where phone subsidies aren’t the norm.
A Refreshed iOS: One of the largest criticisms leveled against iOS these days is that it looks stale. Indeed, many of the interface elements have remained largely unchanged for the last six years. With Jony Ive now heading the iOS software design team, the minimal aesthetics that made Apple’s hardware such a hit now appear ready to make their way into iOS and Apple’s core apps.
Integration With the iWatch: This is speculation about speculation, but the so-called iWatch has been on the industry’s radar for months now. When and if it is released, it seems like native integration with the next iPhone is a no-brainer.
Quad-Core A7 Processor: For a company that focuses as little on hardware specs as Apple does, discussion of what kind of processor will be in the next iPhone seems almost trivial. However, it’s still an important comparison point. The next iPhone will have an updated processor, just like every prior iPhone, and the A7 is the next logical follow-up. It looks like a lock to be quad-core in order to compete with Android handsets that already sport the technology.
13-megapixel Camera: The last two iPhones have had 8-megapixel cameras. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is set to feature a 13-megapixel lens, so the stage is set for Apple to put their own 13-megapixel sensor out in order to compete.
Longer Battery Life: The iPhone 5 already receives tremendous reviews for its battery life, but our dependence on smartphones is only increasing. Longer battery life is one of the first things Apple likely checks off its list for a new iPhone release.
Similar Build to the iPhone 5: Apple’s not been known to make radical changes to the body of the iPhone in these years, commonly referred to as the S-years.
September of October Relase Date: This keeps in line with the last couple of years, and also matches up with some recent comments by Tim Cook.

As far as smartphones are concerned, Apple sets the bar with the iPhone. The iPhone 5 was a tremendous success, but analysts’ thoughts on Apple have been more bearish in the last several months. There’s a lot of pressure on Apple to overcome this scrutiny with the next iPhone, but the company looks poised to succeed if these predictions come to fruition.